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wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

Anders Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik (age 32, born in 13 February 1979, in London, England), Norwegian citizen and the self-admitted perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attacks, in which he killed 76 people (the number was reduced from 93). Police and local media reports describe him as a Christian fundamentalist, nationalist and right-wing extremist. In his manifesto (European Declaration of Independence 2083, more than 1500 pages), he describes his approach. Many of the postulates are copied from Ted Kaczyński’s (alias Unabomber, who has been jailed in 1996 for the attacks in 1978 – 1995) manifesto. Breivik wants to protect the Western Europe before ‘Islamic colonization’ and ‘strengthening communism’. He took an inspiration from many Islam critics as Richard Rorty, Immanuel Kant, Franz Kafka. Anders Brevik calls himself as a Templar Knight (Knights Templar might be the name of the terroristic organization). He is a member of the Masonic Lodge.
As I said, he has killed about 76 people, including Mette-Marit’s (the Norwegian duchess) step-brother. In his attacks he used 3 kinds of registered weapons, including Glock pistol, rifle and machine gun. He had served in the army and he was a member of a shooting club – this is the reason why he was given permission for using guns so easily. Breivik has collected an enormous sum of 300,000 Euro for his attacks. He took the inspiration for the project of his attempt from Islamic fundamentalist as Osama bin Laden, Mohamed Atta and many others who were responsible for the attacks in New York in 2001. He also took the inspiration from the attacks on the federal buildings in Oklahoma City in 1995 because he had used the same materials to construct his bombs. Breivik has bought 6 tons of fertilizer in Norway and some chemical from a Polish dealer. After the purchase of chemicals, British MI5 took an attention on Anders Breivik and they contacted with the Norway Security Service. However, the Norwegian government trifled the warning.
The first interrogation in the court took place on Wednesday 26th of July. The judge has refused to permit the press to attend in the trial. Breivik confessed that he has some copartners. It is believed that he had been signed up to the organization by his British mentor. In his speech he told that he was aware of his cruel attempt but in his opinion it was necessary. He had to give some kind of a sign to the world to start another crusade. Breivik wanted also to stop the Socialistic Party before signing up new members.
To continue my internet research, I would like to tell about my deductions after reading some Polish forum’s about Breivik on the internet. Most of the statements are about some conspiracy theories which might have nothing in common with the reality. Some of them are about Breivik’s connections with the Masonic Lodge and about the connections of the Masonic Lodge with the Knights Templar terroristic organization. The rest of the statements are about the condolences for families of the victims of the attacks in Norway. Only very few of the statements are about the threat of the attacks in Poland.
In my opinion, there is no danger of the attacks in Poland. However, there might be some new attempts of the terroristic attacks in the Western Europe, where more foreigners are about to live. Analyzing Breivik’s speech in the court, I can presume that the terroristic attacks in Oslo and on the Utoya island may be the sign for the other members of the organization. The terroristic attack might be also a sign for some EU agencies or European countries to start taking care on the safety issues and to attach importance on the suspicious, nationalist and radical groups.

Maciej Przychodzeń